Art school students exhibit at Cancun Cultural Center posted by on February 3, 2017

16387382_10158116649980591_5507518268530121958_n-1art-centercultural-center-cancunPaco Negrete´s art school students are joining together to present some of their works at the img_1635 img_1644 img_1646 img_1647 img_1654 img_1655 img_1657 , for a week long showing. The Center is located conveniently on Tulum on the inner road next to the Casino. The map is below as well as a picture of the bldg. The exact address is Av. Tulum SM20 Mz8.  

I took some photos during the setup stage this morning and they are below. They are all oil on canvas paintings. Move to follow as the event unfolds.

The exhibit opens to the public at 7pm tonight Friday Feb. 3. Please stop to see all the beautiful works of art.


Artist Suz Price

Artist Suz Price

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


Mtro. Francisco (Paco) Negrete

The contributing artists and the Director

The contributing artists and the Director

By Artist Louis Buis

By Artist Louise Buis


img_1642 img_1641 img_1640 img_1639 img_1636 img_1634 img_1633 img_1632 img_1540 img_1539 img_1518

Suzie’s latest Art Projects posted by on December 13, 2015

My followers know that my wife Suzie is a budding artist. This posting is just for me to show off some of her most recent projects. I hope you enjoy looking at them. Suzie would love to read any comments you may choose to leave for her. The photo’s don’t look as good as the real thing. The paintings are on canvas and the paints are oil.

IMG_0370 IMG_0371 IMG_0374

Suzie’s latest posted by on January 20, 2015

This is a painting that Suzie painted as my Christmas present. It is from a photo I took when we were vacationing in Northern Italy this past May.

The first image is the photo I took in the town of Garda.

In the town of Garda there were so many little passageways beckoning us to come and explore...

In the town of Garda there were so many little passageways beckoning us to come and explore…

This is Suzie’s oil painting.


This is her latest painting. It is of an elephant’s eye.