Formula 4 racecars in Cancun posted by on March 26, 2017

f4This event took place on Feb. 3,4 & 5th., Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


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Some of the cars that you can rent and drive on the track on non race days.

Some of the cars that you can rent and drive on the track on non race days.





Entrance way to the grandstands

Entrance way to the grandstands


Unloading the race cars from the transporters



The Formula 4 cars

The Formula 4 cars

Roberto,Louise,Al and Tom waiting for the green flag

Roberto,Louise,Al and Tom waiting for the green flag

Our seats were´nt the best but we still had a good time.

Our seats were´nt the best but we still had a good time.

What happens when you have a automobile accident in Cancun posted by on October 30, 2015

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you had an automobile accident in Mexico, Cancun in particular? The process is very different that in the United States. This is not a necessarily bad thing, it’s just different for a number of reasons. The procedure is designed to assure that all parties reach a fair and equitable settlement. Blame must be admitted by one of the participants. Until that step is reached everyone stays at the Transito Police station until agreements are settled. Often times vehicles are not insured here which is I think the primary reason for the way an accident is processed here.

My wife had an accident recently in which she failed to yield the right-of-way to a motorcyclist. It was an accident, she just didn’t see him coming. The following is what happened.

An automobile accident in Cancun:
A few months ago I was a passenger in a car with a friend and she was in an accident with a taxi.  I stayed with her to see how the system works and to lend moral support.
This however did not prepare me for the accident I had several months later.  I knew the steps to follow but was too upset to follow them alone.  Fortunately a nice young man stopped to help me with the phone calls and dealing with the police.  I had left home without my phone!
The accident happened as I was driving home from Hospiten Hospital.  The traffic was very busy and I had to wait for an opening to cross the highway.  (Since my accident, traffic lights have been installed at that intersection.)  When I saw an opening in the traffic, I crossed.  Unfortunately I did not see the young man on the motorcycle and he crashed into my driver door.  I parked the car and went to help him up from the pavement.  Fortunately he seemed ok.  The first step for me was to call my insurance company.  In Mexico, they come to the scene of the accident and negotiate for you.  Multiple police cars and two ambulances arrived but no insurance agent.

Mexican law states that if there is an injury or damage to public property the police must be involved.  Minor accidents are handled by the parties involved and their insurance agents. 

The young man was taken in an ambulance to the hospital to be evaluated, my car was flat bedded  to the impound yard and I was detained and taken to the station in the police car.  My insurance adjuster  arrived at the station with the insurance company’s lawyer and negotiated for me.  IMG_0160

Tom and four good friends came for moral support and help with translating.  The insurance company agreed to pay  the medical bill for the young man, the motorcycle repair and the repairs to our car if the repairs exceeded the deductible.
Escape damage

The insurance adjuster and the police officer  went to the hospital to get a medical release from the young man.  His injuries were minor and he signed it.  If he had not signed, I would have been detained for at least 48 hours.  I was not happy about that possibility.  When the officer and the insurance adjuster returned  with the medical release I paid a $3750 pesos fee and was released from custody. We were issued a impound release for the car and we went to pick it up the next day.
This process at Transito took about four hours.

The impound lot charged us a $3180 pesos towing and storage fee.
After payment we were free to go with our vehicle.  We have since had the car repaired.  They did a great job and the cost was less than our deductible.($4800 pesos and took 5 days.)

The entire experience was fair and Suzie was treated with kindness and respect by everyone involved which included the passerby that came to her assistance at the scene, the police officers, insurance adjuster, attorney and impound lady.

We owe a debt of gratitude to our dear friends Burt and Wendy who rushed to the scene of the accident and hung in their for hours until Suzie was released. Also our dear friends Noel and Rosalinda who came to the Transito station and helped with interpretation when we all got overwhelmed with the language communications. They also drove us to the impound yard twice and we are most appreciative of what they also did for us. Good friends are hard to find and these 4 are the best.

We also offer our sincere apologies to the young motorcyclist for this unfortunate experience.

(Note: All amounts are given in peso’s so to convert to dollars just divide the pesos by 16.58.)

Brown Sugar the exterior posted by on August 28, 2014

Back in the 80’s during the “van” craze in the USA I built this 1975 Dodge Van and entered it in a series of professional car shows. These shows were governed by the I.S.C.A. which stands for the International Show Car Association. At the end of the 1983-84 season I won my class and the following are pictures of my entry vehicle.


These are some of the many trophies I won on my way to the championship. Every one was a 1st place win.


This is the custom sign I had made for my display at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois

Scan 1

Rear view showing the 12 piece walnut bumper, running boards and upward opening rear hatch.


The gold leaf lettering and pin-striping were done my Tom Goyet of Waconda, Illinois.Scan 1-2

The rear tail lights were frenched, the marker lights were tunneled and the gas cap is from a 70’s Dodge charger.Scan 9

The door hinges were chromed and fiberglass fender flares were added along with the louvered panels.

Scan 7

The front fenders featured air extractor vents from a Pontiac Trans Am and the power antenna was tunneled. Also the windshield and side glass were acid etched and the roof was padded and the sun-visor added.Scan 10

The grill was by Stull and the headlights were from a 1975 Chevy Monte Carlo.Scan 5

The front door handles were from a American Motors RamblerScan 3.


next time the chassis, engine, and interior……..