Live from Cancun’s newly restored beaches!!!! posted by on January 29, 2010

The beach project is nearly finished. Only a few more to do. The work has been temporarily halted due to an equipment breakdown, believed to be piping related. We drove over to the newly restored Delfines Beach this morning and walked as far south as we could until we got to the end of the work done so far. About 1 km remains to be finished.

Let me tell you that this beach is magnificent. There is plenty of room for everybody. Bring your swim suit and tanning lotion and prepare to have a great time. Cancun’s famous beaches are better than ever.

Looking North from Delfines Beach towards the Hilton

Looking straight out to the Caribbean at the Delfines Beach surf shack

Looking South from Delfines Beach towards the Crown Paradise Club

The sand has an abundance of small shells due to where it was mined

The dreaded “LEDGE”

This is the pipe that goes out to the underwater line that hooks up to the dredger ship offshore. This picture gives you an idea of it’s size.

Some of the hotels:

The Crown Paradise Club

The GR Solaris

Suites Brisas

This is what they do to tourists that don’t buy souvenirs from the beach vendors………LOL 🙂

This is as far as we were allowed to go. They had a pile of 30 pipe sections stacked up on the beach.

If you look carefully you can see the pile of sand where the work has stopped at the Royal Solaris

Today’s waves could have been fun to surf

We stopped to take a few pix of some wind surfers. Conditions were perfect for it and these guys were flying.

This view gives you an idea of how HUGE the beach is……………

I have to say that I’m working very hard at being a retired ex-pat………….it’s not easy going to these beaches, restaurants, ruins, islands, booze cruises, & party’s, but I’m doing my best. It’s tough work but someones got to do it so that all you boys and girls can see how fun retirement can be. I’m trying to set a good example of how to retire and not become a couch potato. You’re only young once………………….and I plan on being “18 till I die”.

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Picture of the day…………Ship at sea posted by on January 28, 2010

This picture was taken from the Royal Sands Resort in Cancun, Mexico early one morning. The sea was calm and the passing ship along with the sunlight hitting the Caribbean made an interesting subject.

Picture of the day………….Sombra posted by on January 27, 2010

This is Sombra, our dog, Dylan’s favorite playmate and companion. She is about to become 5 years old and comes from the Puerto Valarta area of Mexico. She belongs to our best friends Al & Louise who are from Canada. She is a beautiful animal with piercing eyes. Here, she is lying on the beach in Playa Blanca.