Pumping Sand @ The Royal Mayan posted by on January 7, 2010

They have been pumping sand at the Royal Mayan at km 16.5 since yesterday and they have made great progress.

The Royal Mayan beach about a week ago looking north:

Same shot today!

The Royal Mayan beach about a week ago looking south:

Same shot today!

You can still see the old beach next door at the Royal Caribbean and then the Royal Islander

From the deck

I shot this video this morning, Thursday Jan. 7th.

I think that this completes my postings about the Beach Restoration project. As it progresses further south it is more of the same techniques and therefore more pictures would just be repetitious. I hope that you all enjoyed my little project and that you will return to see what I’ve been up to lately. Thanks so much for stopping by, it’s been fun and now I’m moving on to other subjects here on CancunTom’s blog. Online Casino HEX profile

Beach Restoration Starts at The Tri-Royals posted by on January 7, 2010

The work has begun at the

Royal Mayan……..

The San Miguelito Beach in front of the Tri-Royals has been closed  since yesterday in order to move the piping and machinery in place for the project. They have begun pumping sand in front of the Royal Mayan. The Royal Caribbean, and Royal Islander will follow immediately.