Delfines Beach, Cancun posted by on February 25, 2010

Every time we have guest’s at our home in Cancun after picking them up from the airport we take the “scenic” route back home through the hotel zone (fantasy land). When we have some “Cancun Virgins” we like to stop at Defines Beach for a photo opp. This is the first view they will have of the beautiful turquoise blue Caribbean Sea and upon first site it gets a lot of “WOWS”.  This past Tuesday we stopped at Defines to show off the newly restored beach to our “Virgins” from Chicago.

Notice that the “ledge” situation seems to be resolving itself. It is much smaller and beyond it, the beach is returning to the nice gradual slope into the surf. Here are a few pictures:

Looking North towards the Hilton

A wave washes over the “ledge”

My wife and our “Virgins” getting their “toes” wet

Cancun Soccer Game Feb.17,2010 posted by on February 19, 2010

We live near the two stadiums in Cancun. They are next to one another. One is for professional baseball and the other is for professional soccer. We’ve been going to the baseball games regularly but wanted to try a soccer game. The admission and the food and beverages are higher than at the baseball games. Our tickets were 100 pesos each to sit midfield and were excellent seats. Beer brand is Sol at the baseball park and Corona at the soccer field. The beer cost at the soccer game was 30 pesos/ bottle vs. 20 at the ballgame. The seat prices also fluctuate depending on how good a visiting team is or isn’t.  The park is nice and well maintained. The food and drink vendors are plentiful with a wide selection of soft drinks and mixed hard liquor beverages. Food selections from popcorn to full meals delivered right to your seat. Only one brand of beer…….Corona. When you enter the park the Corona beer company gives each  person a horn to make noise with. They create a really festive atmosphere that gets everyone in the mood to support the home team.

Here are some pictures of the park, the players, cheerleaders, Corona girls, and scoreboards.

The home team was ahead at half time by 1-0

The Cheerleaders at the Half Time Show…..

When the Cheerleaders were finished they had a parade that did one lap around the field. The Corona girls were throwing t-shirts into the stands and other memento’s to the fans.

Some guys on stilts……

The scoreboard with the final score………………WE WON 2-0…………….!!!!!

The Cancun team is called the ATLANTE and they have been struggling this season. This was there 12th game and their record was 8 loses, & 3 ties. So this was their first win of the season. The opposing team was called the Jaguares  and they are from Chiapas, Mexico. The league is The FMF (Federación Mexicana de Fútbol Asociación, A.C.; Mexican Football Federation)

We went with 3 of our friends and had a great time and plan to go back often.
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Restaurante La Habichuela Sunset review posted by on February 15, 2010

Restaurante La Habichuela is a legendary restaurant  in Cancun. They have been in business in the same location in El Centro for 30 plus years and have a excellent reputation. My wife and I have eaten at La Habichuela many times and we like to take our house guests from the US there for dinner. We can always count on the excellent service, ambiance, and good food.

They have now opened a second restaurant. It is called “Restaurante La Habichuela Sunset“. It is located in the Hotel Zone on Blvd. Kukulcan @ km 12.6  across from the Kukulcan Mall. So we decided to try it out for our Valentines Day dinner.

The interior and exterior of this restaurant is a sight to behold. The attention to detail and overall design theme were excellent.

This is the sign to look for:

The entrance and valet parking lot:

Sign over the entry:

The main dining room from the entrance, overlooking the lagoon and marina:

The stairway down to the dining room from the entrance. At the bottom of the stairs is a glass floor with a simulated archeological dig under it. It takes most people a leap of faith to step onto it:

You can see my shoes at the bottom of the photo where I’m standing on the glass floor:

This staircase is awesome. The railing is a intricate carving of a snake. It follows the curvature of the glass side panels. It terminates at the last stair where you can see the snakes head and fangs:

The snake head:

The bar from our table:

The Menu:

We ordered  a Mojito and a Cosmopolitan Martini, both were expertly made. We  were given a complimentary plate of Panetini with dipping sauce as a starter. Next the waiter presented and decanted our wine. Then our Caesar salad was prepared tableside by our waiter. After finishing our salad we received a complimentary  scoop of sorbet served in a  guayaba to clear our palates. My wife ordered the Heart of Beef Fillet in Morel Sauce, and I ordered the Lobster and fillet surf and turf. We asked for them to be cooked medium and they were served exactly as we asked. The dinners came with veggies, baked potato and ample hot rolls with two types of butter, plain and garlic infused.  We passed on dessert because we were too full.

The menu prices are in peso’s.

Our Sommelier decanting our bottle of Cabernet/Merlot wine from Washington State:

The Caesar Salad made table-side: It was delicious…..

My surf and turf……………..yum yum! (Sorry the pix I took of my wife’s dinner was accidentally erased)

Door to the men’s room:

One of the wall decor’s simulating stalactites………..

The outdoor dining area was beautiful:

Looking back at the dinning room from the outdoor garden dining area:

Another angle:

Small stream running through the outdoor garden:

So what did this evening cost? We had two mixed drinks, a bottle of wine, the Caesar salad for two, and the entree’s.

The bill came to 1,814.00 pesos ($142 USD) after a 10% discount because we are locals. This did not include the tip.

We would highly recommend a visit to this restaurant. It continues to uphold the fine reputation of the original and I’m sure you will be very pleased with the food as well as the service. The architecture is very well done and is worth the visit in itself.

I would say that reservations would be a good idea: Phone 52 (998) 840-6280/840-6290

The original restaurant has a website, click HERE