A week at the Sands…………….part I posted by on June 30, 2010

Sounds……………..the sound of the surf crashing onto the beach driven by a tropical storm…….the sound of heavy hard rain hitting the windows of our resort……..the sound of the pure white sand impinging on the balcony accelerated by the tropical storm …………..all different sounds for this years vacation week. This year we decided to stay in Cancun for our vacation. We are staying for  a week in the Hotel Zone  at the Royal Sands.  Sounds like we’ve planned to eat out every night, relax on the beach, and just plain have a great time, doesn’t it?

Now that the beaches have been restored we planned to spend plenty of time using them. There is nothing quite like being served ice cold drinks while basking in the sun on a pristine white sand beach in the sub tropical climate of Cancun, Mexico.

However, Mother Nature had a different set of plans……called Tropical Storm Alex. So on this first day we are experiencing high seas, high wind,  & heavy rain. But…………..even a so-so weather day here is much better than the best day most other places I can think of.

The Royal Sands Resort and Spa…………

Day 1: Saturday

We drove over to the Sands around 4pm. Check in was more efficient than in past years. We gave our luggage to the bell captain and  proceeded to the check in desk. At the top of the entry stairs, just inside the door, they had a welcoming desk and gave us each a bottle of ice cold water. Then came a surprise at the front desk………..for the first time ever we were required to put  a 7,000 peso deposit ($530 USD) on our Visa against which they would draw off of as we charged food, drinks, spa visits, and clothing during our stay. They call it a “HOLD” on your account that they will release when you settle your bill at the end of your stay. Curiously when we used up the 7,000 pesos they required us to put another 7,000 pesos on HOLD. They did not give me a satisfactory explanation of exactly HOW this works. This is a new policy that was started last August because of deadbeat guests skipping out on their bills.  It’s another classic case where the few have ruined it for the many! (Members are not required to put up this deposit. It is for guests of members only.)

Topical storm Alex was passing through the Rivera Maya so the weather was anything but calm. It was very overcast, high winds, & rain made it not conducive to be outdoors.

It didn’t matter much to us as we had reservations at the Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse at the Kukulcan Mall just down the street for 8pm and we didn’t check in until 5pm.

We had a fabulous meal at the steak house. The ambiance is upscale but  very conservative. Service was good and professional but not personable. This place is all about the food.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse bar….

Tom & Suzie………..

We both ordered the fillet. Tom’s with a side of sweet potato casserole with a pecan crust & Suz’s with Au Gratin Broccoli in blue cheese sauce with cheddar…………believe me this was a meal to die for…….

The house gave us a complimentary side of sauteed onions to go with our steaks.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse is noted for their fine aged beef and they did not disappoint. The steaks were cooked to perfection and served sizzling hot as where all the sides. Our dinner included two sides, two glasses of  red wine and a bottle of Perrier sparking water.  Our bill came to 1,506 pesos not including the tip. We were too filled to try dessert…………..maybe next visit?

While we dined, a saxophone player strolled around the restaurant and entertained us with soft, sexy music.

We crashed early  and slept well as the heavy rain pelted out windows.

Links to follow Tropical Storm Alex posted by on June 26, 2010

Here are a couple of links to  websites for you vacationers to track the path of Tropical Storm Alex




Breakfast on the Beach posted by on June 25, 2010

For Fathers Day we decided to get together with our 2 legged friends Al and Louise and our 4 legged friends, Sombra, Dylan, & Chocolat and have breakfast on the beach at Playa Blanca. The K9’s and the humans all had a great time. The Caribbean was calm, and we had miles of white sand beaches and turquoise water all to ourselves.

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[cincopa 10647486]

We spent Fathers day at the Playa Blanca Beach!

We brought a rake and cleared a spot for our camp……..

We looked up the beach…………….

………..and down the beach

and we were alone…….

Sombra and Dylan were 2 happy K9’s………….

This was Chocolat’s first time at the beach and she ran right out into the water to cool off……

Here she is with Sombra waiting for the next wave……..

After our first dip it was time to break open the champagne and make Mimosa’s for all…….

we also had fresh strawberries, blueberry’s, raspberries, sweet rolls, a big chunk of Gouda cheese, chips, and more……..

enjoying the water…….

Sombra and Al going for the deeper water……

more doggie pictures………..Chocolat



as Jimmy Buffet said………….”Wish you were beautiful…….the weather is here”