Isla Mujeres……Punta Sur posted by on July 31, 2010

At the extreme south end of Isla Mujeres is a place called “Cliff of the Dawn”. It has a stone pathway almost down to the sea where you can get up close and personal with the incoming waves crashing into and over the rocky shoreline. It’s one of my favorite places and one that you should never miss when visiting the Island of Women. Here’s a short video I made of it.

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Restaurant Review: Yamamoto japanese restaurant posted by on July 26, 2010

Yamamoto  is the oldest Japanese restaurant in Cancun. It is in a convenient location if you live in El Centro as we do. If you don’t they will send a van over to pick you up and bring you to the restaurant ……..for free! It’s just down the street from the Immigration office. It offers a oriental atmosphere, affordable pricing, and very good service. The phone number is: (998) 887-33-66 They have a outdoor dining room as well as a Sushi Bar and dining room inside.

From across the street………at night

during the daytime………


Location: corner of Rubia and Uxmal

Entrance and outdoor dining area……..

Menu posted on outside wall…………sorry for the bad photo, I shouldn’t have used the flash

the dining room…………

some accessories to set the mood

Each person starts out with a complimentary bowl of marinated  cactus slices that were very tasty. They are a dark green and look a lot like string beans. You can just see a couple in the bowl with the chop sticks laying across it.

Wakame-Soup (Natural seaweed soup)

Sashimi-Usu-Tukuri Mix (assortment of thinly sliced fresh fish)

Don’t know what to call these but the reddish one was cabbage and the yellow one possibly turnip marinated in vinegar.

Ingredients to make Suki -Yaki (thinly sliced beef and vegetables cooked in a special sauce)

The thinly sliced beef

They start out by rendering a chunk of beef fat in the sauce pan…..

then the vegetables are added and seared….

next the beef slices are added and cooked to rare, medium, or well

When its all done the our chef/waiter, Jose spoons each of us a bowlful of Suki-Yaki….

My finished Japanese rice and Suki-Yaki

Green Tea Ice Cream…………..something a bit different

Fried Ice Cream w/ Chocolate

Here’a google map to help you find Yamamoto

The bill……

There were 4 of us, my wife and I and 2 friends.

We had: 2 glasses of red house wine, 2 bottles of beer, 3 green teas, 2 orders of the Usu-Tukuri Mix, a side w/ turnip and cabbage, 1- 1/2 order of the Suki-Yaki, 3 green tea flavored ice creams, and 1 fried ice cream w/chocolate.

The total with a 10% locals discount= 1,052 pesos (approx. $84.00 USD) not including the tip.

We definitely plan to revisit this restaurant. We really enjoyed the food and everything else about it.

Restaurant review-El Shrimp Bucket (Cancun Zona Hotelera) posted by on July 21, 2010

While staying at the Royal Sands in Cancun a few weeks back we stopped at El Shrimp Bucket restaurant to try their Friday afternoon only buffet. It starts a 1pm. This Shrimp Bucket is located at approx. km. 15 on the lagoon side of Kululcan Blvd.. Just south of Aqua World. They have a large “L’ shaped dining area and an outdoor deck right over the water. They also have a pier where you can dock your boat. If you bring them your catch of the day, they will cook it for you. On Fridays, they have an all you can eat buffet starting at 1 PM. At other times, food is ordered from the menu.  We arrived around 2pm and the small parking lot was crowded but they had valet service. The restaurant was also crowded but we were quickly seated at a nice table where we could view the current World Cup Soccer match. The buffet selections were comprised of all the usual salads, soups, ceviche and several different types of poultry, beef, fish and shrimp prepared in different styles. I really loved the coconut shrimp. The buffet was restocked often with small portions of each dish therefore keeping the food hot and fresh. The ambiance is like most theme type restaurants and it is designed to look like what it is, a dockside seafood hangout. The beer was cold and on draft which I prefer. The waiter was attentive and the food, was certainly good enough for the price and quantity. El Shrimp Bucket is a nice fun friendly place and we would recommend that you give it a try.

The roof signage from the parking lot

The entryway

Just inside the entry and before entering the dining room

Many fish nets and other interesting stuff hanging from the ceiling

The waiter brought a bucket of ice to our table which contained the various bottled sauces.  I was happy to see that they were kept on ice.  My wife enjoyed a few of the Oysters Rockefeller and liked them.

My first pass thru the buffet: garlic fish fillet, garlic shrimp, shish-kabob,corn, and strips of beef, croutons for the delicious soupa……

The view out towards the Nichupte’ lagoon

Their menu if you come in the evening or any afternoon except Friday.

The buffet is inexpensive and atmosphere family friendly. Give El Shrimp bucket a try on your next visit to Cancun. Phone number is: +52 (998) 840 6466 .They have a small nicely done web site at: