Our visit to “Rescate Malix” posted by on January 26, 2011

Our visit to Rescate Malix this past Saturday morning…………….

Rescate Malix provides shelter and care for stray and abandoned dogs.  They are located at Punta Sam near Las Ruinas El Meco. (a couple of miles past the Isla Mujeres ferry boat terminal)

Angie and her husband rescue and care for stray, injured and abused dogs.  Their population is now over 30 dogs.  They exist solely on their own funds, donations and help from volunteers.  They provide food, medical care, [including sterilization] and most importantly, love for these animals.   They also provide educational programs aimed primarily at children.  In Mexico, as well as other countries of the world, there is a lack of respect and caring for animals.  Hopefully their program as well as others will eventually make a change in the way people view animals.  The motto of Rescate Malix is “love is the answer”.

Some of the 30 odd dogs they have rescued………….so friendly and happy to visit with us.

Wonderfully exuberant Angie……..

Here we are surrounded by healthy, happy rescued strays……..

Suzie about to be kissed

This Cocker Spaniel was thrown out of a passing car by it’s former owner because it was 90% blind and totally deaf 4 years ago………….

Angie and her husband took her in and she is still with them after all these years.

This little guy has a broken leg and was waiting for surgery later in the day

Every dog has his own house.

Suzie and Angie

CancunTom with the 3 legged dog shown in the video on the Rescate Malix web site. It is unbelievable  how malnourished and injured it was at one time.

Angie and her husband are doing an incredible job caring for all these dogs. They bring them back to health physically and mentally and try to place them in very good ” forever” homes.

Please visit the Rescate Malix web site and view the video there and perhaps make a donation. CLICK HERE

Thank you…….Tom & Suzie

Charly’s Story posted by on January 18, 2011

Introducing Charlotte (Charly) the newest addition to our household here in Cancun. This is the story about how we came to know about her and adopt her.

For the prequel to Charly’s story Click HERE

Click HERE to read Ashlie’s part of Charly’s story, then come back to read our part………written by Suzie

This is our second adoption and hopefully our last for the foreseeable  future.  As we put it, we are all “dogged up”. The dogs in our household outnumber the people 3-2.  Our first adoptee was brought to our gate by a young man looking to make a few pesos for himself.  I fell in love with the 5 week old puppy so we paid him and began our life with ” Dylan”.  He is now 2 years old.  I mention him because he is the reason we found Charly.

I walk Dylan twice a day in various areas of the neighborhood.  My evening walk takes me by some nearby condos.  For the past month or so, I had noticed a young female dog living in the parking lot under an SUV.  She was very shy but was attracted to Dylan.  She would follow us awhile and stop at the corner to return to her “home”.  Again and again I saw this puppy and became more and more saddened with how she was living.  Three weeks ago I came home in tears and said I couldn’t look at what I had been referring to as “the brown puppy” any longer without doing something.

I took some food over but wanted to do something more.  When I came home, my husband Tom said “Come on.  I’ll go with you.  Let’s go see the puppy”.   We took a leash so our intention was clear.  We tried and tried to catch her, cajole her, and entice her with dog treats but nothing worked.

A couple that lived in the condo happened to return home while we were trying to catch Charly and when their car pulled in she ran right over to them.  The couple was Ashlie Dove and her husband.   I walked over and asked if she was their dog.  They said no but went into the following explanation.

They said that a number of people in the condo complex had noticed the puppy and had begun caring for her.  No one could take her in for various reasons but they were feeding her and she had even had a trip to the vet for worming, heart worm medication, and flea and tick treatment.  They indicated that she had an appointment to be spayed the following Tuesday.  That appointment was canceled by the vet and subsequent tries to reschedule have failed.  Ashlie was very gracious to give us 500 pesos toward the spaying since she had planned on paying for it with the other vet.

We decided to take her in temporarily to get her off the street.  Ashlie and her husband  rounded her up and brought her to our house since she was very wary of strangers.  The first night we let her sleep outside thinking she would be more comfortable since she seemed afraid to come indoors.  We have a wall completly surrounging our home. During the night she chewed a hole in our car gate and returned to her “home”.  In the morning, having discovered she was gone, Tom walked down to the condo, picked her up and brought her back to the house.  We then spent many hours reinforcing the gate.

Day by day she became less afraid and more comfortable indoors.  She has a very sweet disposition and is more than happy to let Dylan be the Alpha male.  Once he established his position, they have become great friends and spend much of the day playing with each other.   The picture below was taken on the maid’s day when Charly disassembled the feather duster.  I think her attraction to birds was the reason.

I’m not sure when the decision was made to keep her permanently but I suspect it was the moment we picked her up.

The third day she was with us, Tom  gave Charly her first shower.  She tolerated it well and came out all shiny and clean.  It took no time at all for her to begin to play with toys.  The trick is to define what is a toy and what is a shoe, shirt, hat etc. that is not to be chewed on.  Because Dylan has been such a playful dog, we have plenty of toys to keep her busy.

Early on in our relationship, Charly developed a swelling between the toes on one foot.  We took her to the vet and he determined that it was either an infection or a fungus and gave her a shot of penicillin to get her started. In addition, we needed to give her antibiotics 3 x day for six days, an anti-inflammatory drug once a day for six days, Isodine to wash the area 3 x day and an ointment to apply 3 x day.  Fortunately, she was a very good patient and the problem was resolved.  The vet said that once this was cleared up and she completed her series of immunizations, we could schedule her to be spayed. We went back to the vet in six days to have her foot checked and to get her first immunization.  She will return in two weeks for another and then the rabies injection will follow.  Hopefully we can get her spayed before she goes into season which could be a any time since she is 8-9 months old.

While we were at the vet, we ordered her a name tag which you can see in the first picture.  Hopefully she won’t get loose again (she has no reason to leave) but if she does, perhaps someone will return her.  Mexican families prefer pure bred dogs, and “street dogs” not so much.  often times  the “mutts” are really the smartest and most loving ones.

Our first attempt at trying to walk her on a leash was a failure.  She didn’t seem to understand the concept of walking on a leash.  We came to realize that she walked just fine if Dylan, her pack leader, was walking with her.  So I walk them together every morning and evening.  One of their favorite stops is at a restaurant on Yaxchilan Ave. where they have fish swimming in a stream outside the restaurant.  Charly tries to catch the fish.  She may jump in one day………….?  They also enjoy going with my amiga, Louise and her dog Sombra for coffee on Friday mornings at Tradiciones cafe.  They take good care of us there.  The dogs get a big bowl of water while Louise and I enjoy our coffee.  As spring approaches, we look forward to taking them all to the beach.  Dylan and Sombra love the beach and I’m sure Charly will too.

Charly has brought her unconditional love into our lives and this is now her “forever” home.

La Tranquita Grill & Bar review posted by on January 13, 2011

Last weekend we had a night out with our friends to try a small Italian restaurant near to our homes. It’s located next to our favorite Cancun coffee house (Tradiciones Latte Art Cafe). It’s called La Tranquita Grill & Bar. We sat outside which in spite of it being early January we can do here in Cancun’s wonderful sub-tropical climate. There are many of these niche type small eaterys in Cancun and we are trying hard to explore as many of them as possible. The location is: Plaza Zona Zentro, Local 7, Av. Kabah Esquina, Holbox, SM13 ( The corner of Holbox and Gomez)

The exterior is colorful and still had some Christmas lights up for the Holiday Season.

This is the very inviting interior dining area and bar

The menu cover……proclaiming meats, salads, pizzas & pastas

The choices are very extensive for such a small restaurant…..

To our delight we were presented a hot out of the oven pita bread w/ oil and vinegar and selections of spicy sauces

Each of us ordered an empanada (27 p ea.) for an appetizer……they were very good!

Al ordered the Tranquera pizza which is a specialty of the house, (130p ) he said it was very good

My order of A La Crema pasta w/ mushrooms & ham………( 115 p ) I enjoyed it but noticed it had an odd choice of spices (perhaps cinnamon).

Suzie choose the Cuatro Quesos pizza. (129p) She said the Roquefort cheese  overwhelmed the taste of the Parmesan, Gouda, & Mozzarella

Louise is vegetarian and she had a salad and then the Al Ajo meatless pasta dish after being told that they were out of her first choice, Lasagna. Al tried to order the onion soup only to be told  that they were out of it as well. We were there on a weekend night (Sunday) and found these omissions disappointing.

They have an arrangement with the Tradiciones Cafe next door to provide coffees and the cafe has a cooperative agreement with La Tranquita to provide their menu to the Cafe’s customers. So you receive 2 separate bills. I think that is a good arrangement both for the customers and the businesses.

The 4 of us having a great time

l to r: Suzie, Louise, Tom, & Al

Although La Tranquita had a couple of missteps we all agreed that we would return. The service was the typical great attentive type that makes you happy you’re in Mexico. The food was well prepared and served piping hot. The ambiance was spot on. The drinks were reasonable and so was the final bill. The portions were large enough to have doggy bags to take home and enjoy another meal at lunch the next day.