Remembering Keith posted by on February 26, 2011

Today is the 3rd anniversary of Keith’s passing. He was only 43 years young. I helped my wife Suzie put together this video remembrance of his life. Keith loved the outdoors especially around the Ouray, & Ridgway,  Colorado  area where he chose to live. He was an aircraft mechanic for many years before starting his own business.As you will see he was an avid outdoors-man. He skied on snow and the water, hunted, fished, enjoyed snowmobiling, para-sailing, and any kind of high energy extreme sports. He was my wife’s son from her first marriage. He was a hell of a guy and she and I and his sister miss him dearly.

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This Vaquero can rope……… posted by on February 19, 2011

An video excerpt from the Xcaret Night Show…..

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Valentines night dinner at El Conquistator, Royal Myan posted by on February 15, 2011

We made reservations to have our Valentines Day dinner at the El Conquistador restaurant which is located in the Royal Mayan in the Hotel Zone of Cancun, Mx.

Preface: My wife and I live in Cancun. This restaurant became one of our favorites while we stayed at the various Royals during our vacations before we retired.  We have never had any reason to criticize the Royals in our many visits to Cancun. Indeed we came to think of them as our home away from home. Last year we found out that like the Hacienda Sisal, both the Capt’s Cove and the El Conquistador would accept local patrons (Cancunese). This was great news to us because we so enjoyed our dinners at the Conquistador and listening to Senor Duran play his classical guitar. In the past the food and the service have always been above par. (We know that we have many readers from the Royals web site link, and really appreciate your taking the time to read our blog. Please leave us your comments. We try to feature the Royals as often as possible along with other Cancun related posts.)


The restaurant was understandably crowded because it was a special day. The Maitre ‘d greeted us at the entrance and asked if he could help us and I proceeded to tell him that we had reservations for 8PM. He did not utter another word, but simply turned and walked towards an empty table. We guessed that we should follow and we did. Upon seating he threw a napkin in each of our laps and walked away. I  have to say that this time our visit reminded us of what it is like to eat out in America. The reason I say this is that we felt rushed right from the start. This is not acceptable in Mexico, but since the Royals are so Americanized I guess that they have forgotten where they are and what made them such a wonderful place to visit.  Wow! Not the Royal treatment we had in past visits to this restaurant.

As soon as we were seated the waiter immediately asked us if we would like to order a cocktail. He did not introduce himself or greet us in any way . Upon my straining to see his name tag he mentioned that he was “Philippe”. He brought us our martini’s and also wanted to take our order. I told him to come back later because we were NOT in a hurry. After 10 mins. Phillipe returned and we ordered the Chateaubriand for two medium rare, and a bottle of Cab/Merlot wine off the wine list and the main menu.

Phillipe our waiter made 3 mistakes which in my opinion were very disappointing……

1. He brought our bottle of wine…………properly presented it so I could confirm it was what I ordered…………..opened it and poured me a sample to approve……..THEN BEFORE I FINISHED TASTING IT HE POURED MY WIFE’S GLASS……………UGH!

I have never had this happen before, and a professional waiter should know better.

2. He presented our bill without us asking him to do so. In Mexico this is NEVER done and is considered to be rude. It is common in the USA because restaurants like to turn over the tables as many times per night as possible. However we are NOT in the USA we are in Mexico and therefore Phillipe ‘s tip was only 15% instead of our usual 20%

3. We were not offered a Cancunese discount which we are always given at the Hacienda Sisal over by the Royal Sands. Also most of the restaurants in Cancun offer a Senior discount if you have a card issued by the Mexican Government. We have this card and almost every merchant honors it.

I sincerely hope that someone from the Royal’s reads this and passes it on for correction for future guests and visitors. I have done many “reviews” of the Cancun area and very very seldom do we have a service complaint. We are big fans of the Royals therefore it was strange that we were not made to feel welcome and receive “Royal” the service we have grown accustomed to this time.

I also must say the we cannot fault the food at all, nor the cocktails. The steak and it’s sauce were spectacular. We didn’t call a “brand” on the Martini’s but they were excellent. So we give props to the Chef and the bartender. We didn’t let the service issues bother or ruin our evening so we will return to the Conquistador hoping that this was just an “off” night due to the crowd.

The entire restaurant was decorated with heart shaped balloons……….

even the shrubbery …………

They had a special menu for San Valentin’s Day………

These are the selections on it…….however we chose to order from the main menu

The main menu……..

it’s offerings…….

We chose the Chateaubriand for 2 and you can see it was perfectly medium rare……

The steak was delicious…… came with choice of potato………we chose the twice baked

We were too full to have a dessert…….the food was great.

I photographed some of the Mayan artwork that is displayed in the lobby…….


Suzie loved this one…….

This one is about 10 ft. tall……..

That’s all folks………….We hope you had a Happy Valentines Day