V.I.P. Cinema Cancun style……… posted by on March 14, 2011

Going to the movies here in Cancun is a real special pleasure. The reason is that the concept of viewing a movie here is totally different than in the USA. The theaters here are built for comfort and a relaxing experience. This is especially true of what they call the V.I.P. theater. This is sort of a theater inside a theater. I mean DELUXE. The chairs are soft supple leather and they recline with foot rests that come out. Each pair of chairs has a table that swings out for your food and beverages. You can order a Martini, Scotch on the Rocks, beer, cola, wine, or water. Food choices range from fresh Sushi to pizza, and delicious sandwiches. All of this is at your fingertips, just press the button and a waiter comes to your seat with a menu, takes your order and returns with it a few minutes later. A ticket costs about $8.00 depending on the movie. Movies are shown in the language they were originally filmed in with subtitles. If they have been dubbed then that is noted on the marquee for that film. This is the facility located inside the Plaza Las Americas Mall in downtown Cancun.

We took our new friends Bert & Wendy from Long Island, New York with us to see the Natalie Portman film, “No Strings Attached”. It was their first time to experience a movie Cancun style.

This is the lobby desk for the VIP cinema. You tell the attendant which film you wish to see and then she shows you a diagram of the theater seating on a touch screen display. You touch the seats you want that are available and those selections are printed out on your ticket.

Once you walk into the lobby their is a large open area where you can relax prior to entering the actual theaters. Here you can enjoy food and beverages, order them to be delivered to your seat of carry them in yourself. They have great caramel and cheese popcorn freshly popped and all kinds of candy bars as well as alcoholic beverages at the bar.

This is the bar……it’s wasn’t quite 5 o’clock anywhere so the bartender was just setting up all his bottles and glassware.

These are the back-lighted marquees for the  (4) movies that were playing last Friday night.

Marquee for Natalie Portman and ashton Kutcher in “Amigos Con Derechos” (No Strings Attached)

Suzie with our new friends Wendy and Bert

The screen from the middle of row “E”……….

The leather recliners and swing out tables and Suzies ice cold cervesa


Anyway the lights are dimming and the trailers are about to start……….”that’s all folks”…..


My Isla Mujeres “Spaghetti” Western…..”For A FEW PESOS MORE” posted by on March 5, 2011

A short video about looking for a desperado early one morning on Isla Mujeres……..

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