Hurricane Irene vs the Tri-Royals posted by on August 28, 2011

We spent all day Saturday, Saturday night, and today (Sunday) at the Royal Caribbean as the quests of our friends Bert & Wendy. Hurricane Irene caused so many incoming flights to be cancelled that the Tri-Royals were like a ghost town. It was really strange to be at the “Welcoming Party” this afternoon and have so few people attend.

One of the locals…..@ the “Welcoming Party” this afternoon

A close up……

The start of the “Welcoming Party”…..not much of a line at the green umbrella bar on the left….

Soft drinks, rum and cokes, and beers are free but now hamburgers, hots dogs etc. must be charged to your villa….

Wendy & Suz chilling………

Plenty of space in the pools………

Need a palapa and a couple of beach chairs………… problemo………..

Hopefully vacationers will start to connect and come in for their week starting tomorrow. The weather here is perfect…..and the sea is calm and warm. The beach is still outstanding. It was wonderful. Here’s hoping that most of you can still salvage at least part of your vacation. Good Luck.


I’ve also been fortunate to meet up with some of my readers, a couple from California today and a few weeks back while deplaning in Cancun from our trip to Colorado. Thanks to all of you for recognizing me and most of all for your very kind comments about my blog…………Cancun Tom




Plein Air Art Class field trip to Isla Mujeres….updated posted by on August 19, 2011

Paint’n on the dock of the bay


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(“Plein Air” is a French expression which means “in the open air” and is particularly used to describe the act of painting outdoors)

Our art class planned a trip to Isla Mujeres to try our hand at painting outdoors.  We gladly accepted the challenge.

Nancy, Louise, Amparo, and Rosalinda wait for the boat at Flamingo’s.

Flamingo’s palapa dining area  from the beach.  Louise says the food here is great!

The dock behind Flamingo’s where our boat will dock.

Our transportation.  Many thanks to Isabel and her husband for providing such luxurious transportation to and from Isla Mujeres………..

Leaving the Flamingo Restaurant dock on our way to Isla Mujeres………

Isabel and Paco, our instructor, chat on the way over to Isla………

Can you beat that color?!

Roberto, Aricela, Louise and Amparo up top.

Louise and Roberto posing for my camera………on the speed boat

The “floating island”.  The story goes that a guy named Rishi Sowa’s came to Isla and created this floating island out of empty plastic bottles that he calls Sprial Island .  He then put dirt and sand on top of the bottles to grow plants.  He lives on the floating island and we hope to get a close up look at it some time. He offers tours for a small donation…………


The blue structure is the great little Cuban restaurant “El Varadero” we mentioned as one of the secrets of Isla a few posts back.  Very casual with great Mojito’s.   Tough to find from the road but worth the effort…………

Lorenzillo’s Lobster Station.  The sign says “since 1683”.  Is that possible?

The entrance to Isabel and her husband’s home on the island……….

The inside of their property……..

The Palapa dining area in the yard where we enjoyed lunch……

Classmates Rosalinda, Suzie, Roberto, and Louise……..

Louise enjoying a cervesa break while chatting with Paco, our art instructor.

This dock was our destination.  It is located on a inland channel on Isla Mujeres. We were told by Paco to look around and decide on a subject to paint.

This was the scene Suzie chose.

Isabel is beginning her boat sketch.

Aricela beginning to paint her boats.

Isabel’s partially painted scene.

Our dear friend Amparo Jimenez chose watercolors as here medium today…….

Rosalinda works on her project.

Suzie’s partially painted scene.

Suzie’s picture again a little further on………

Suzie’s picture at the end of the day.  She will spend time at home completing it.

Roberto’s partially finished scene.

Louise’s scene really coming along.

Rosalinda and Aricela

Suzie’s picture at the end of the day.  She will spend time at home completing it.

Lunchtime…….delicious ceviche for made by one of the boat crew members with cervesas from the corner store. 


Aricela and Amparo on the rooftop deck.

The living area of the home.

The front porch.

Area of interest inside the home.

Very interesting ship model.


Aricela’s picture nearing completion.

Louise’s picture at the end of the day.

We all really enjoyed our field trip to paint the great outdoors.    Our art class is  a very congenial group that enjoys spending time together.  Thanks to Paco for all of his instruction during the day and a big thanks to Isabel and her husband for providing the location, boat transportation, and super lunch……….Cancun Suz

This field trip is an example of the wonder of living in here. We are originally from the Chicago, Illinois area and we could never have experienced many of the exciting things we are able to do here in this wonderful sub-tropical climate year round. Stay tuned for more soon…….Cancun Tom

Tom couldn’t come along this time and do to some extensive home improvements and dental work he has taken a couple of months off from the art lessons. However he continues to paint at home until he can return to class soon. Here is his latest…….



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On the way to Imogene Trail…… posted by on August 17, 2011

A video of the old stage trail we rode up to the Imogene Pass in the San Juan Mts. above Telluride, Co.

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