Snorkeling w/ Bert & Wendy posted by on September 30, 2011

Here we are with our friends, Bert & Wendy, boarding the boat from the beach at Puerto Moreles to  snorkel the reef. This time we have an underwater camera.

Our trusty craft and captain

Wendy and Bert getting ready to jump in

Some of the beautiful sea fans and coral

Any questions about why we live here?  I didn’t think so.

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish

Live conch

Sea rod

Some fuzzy things?

Our favorite stop in Puerto Moreles.  Love the hot and sour soup!

In our opinion, Puerto Moreles has the best snorkeling in the area.  Definitely worth the drive from Cancun or Playa del Carmen.  Don’t forget to stop for some hot and sour soup!

Botellofono De Xcaret posted by on September 24, 2011

Combine a marimba with a xylophone and fill some bottles with water to tune them and you have Botello’FoNo. Played by a talented group of musicians to entertain visitors at the Xcaret park. The construction and sound of botellofono, dates back to the origins of the marimba and xylophone. This is the evolution instrument which superseded the song sound of soft woods, by the cheerful brio dristalino glass bottles, which when tuned with liquid achieve perfect pitch. The 4 players were accompanied by 2 guitarists and a bass fiddle player.

[cincopa AsMA1saFU6o8]

Their Album Cover…..

The 2 guitarists and bass player accompanying the bottle 4 players……….

One of the 2 bottle racks……..

A side view of two of the players……..

Close up of the bottles which you can see are “tuned” with precise amounts of liquid to achieve the perfect pitch…..

Rear view of the bottle players…….

We really enjoyed listening to these talented individuals. I bought one of their albums upon leaving. Don’t miss them on your next visit to Xcaret, they play right across from the museum.

Another way to have fun in the sun posted by on September 12, 2011

While giving our dogs Dylan, Chocolat, Charly, and our friends Al and Louise and their dog Sombra a day at the beach we happen across another friend Ashley and her husband. They were each adding a new adventure to their lives. A flight with “Flyme” a way to combine a dune vehicle, parachute, and powered glider into one exciting package. These machines carry one passenger and a pilot and takeoff and land from a sandy beach flying low and slow over the beautiful Caribbean. Go to their website to find out more and be sure to watch their video to get a real feel for this thrilling new way to have fun.

Click HERE

Ashley getting hooked up in front of the pilot while refueling takes place…….

The takeoff begins…….

Off they go………..

Up, Up, and Away………..

A slight bank to the left……..

and they are off for a 20 min. flight……….

The “Wing” is beautiful…….

Over the lagoon side of Isla Blanca they buzz on by us……….

The young couple that run this exciting new way to have fun…………

So check out their web site and go on out to Isla Blanca for a flight you’ll never forget…….Reservations at 998-914-0503.

*********Meanwhile “back at the beach” so to speak………..our dogs where also having the time of their lives ************

Dylan is going up to catch the coconut mid air……

Chocolat drying herself off……

Sombra chasing Charly into the surf………

Chocolat likes to swim too but she is so small I have to make sure she doesn’t get swamped by the waves…..

Here I’m with Chocolat our 10 year old YorkiePoo………

Sombra is a true water dog and here she is swimming and cooling down……

Here I’m holding Charly before putting her down in the water……….to cool off

Dylan watching the others cool off.  He actually did get his feet wet for the first time.  He is NOT a water dog.

Sombra (black), Dylan (light tan), and Charly (red) playing hard on the beach….

Isla Blanca is unspoiled and undeveloped just like Cancun was 35 years ago. Here we are with our cars right up on the beach just a few feet from the Caribbean…….

Another great day at the beach…………….come on down to Cancun and join in the fun…..