Christmas Trees in Cancun posted by on November 27, 2011

This morning we drove over to Costco to buy this season’s Christmas Tree. What is so strange here is that it was 86F and we had to run the air conditioner in our car to be comfortable. There is something so weird about that.

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Costco had a nice selection and we picked one out.  The attendant bundled it up while we went inside the store to pay for it. It cost us 1,000 pesos ($70.42) We came back to claim our tree. We pulled our car up to the entrance and they put cardboard on the roof of our car, put the tree in place and then tied it to the roof rack.

The trees are located in a special outdoor fenced area for the holiday season……

Price tag in Spanish

Good selection……

Full service at Costco…………young man did a great job tying the tree in place for us

They add a small water dish and cross brace stand…..nice……Notice the subtropical palm trees in the background.

Got it home and ready to take inside to it’s special place for the holidays……

A little too tall, needs a trim

After Susie decorated our tree…….

Cars…….A Thanksgiving Day Special Posting posted by on November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers.

I hope that you and your families and loved ones have many things to be thankful for this past year. I know we do, living in a wonderful country, with the warm and kind Mexican people. We proud to say that Mexico and Cancun have welcomed us and that we are very appreciative of that.

We especially wish to give a shout out to all our brave soldiers throughout the world that are helping to defend those who cannot do so for themselves.


All my life I have loved anything automotive. I bought my first car when I was 18 and since have owned many more. I’ve built my own street rod and custom vehicles that I have entered into competition throughout the Midwest in the USA. In 1984 I won the Midwest Class Championship in the International Show Car Association (ISCA). My second love is the photography of the cars I could never own since my name isn’t Jay Leno…….

Here are a few of my favorite shots taken at the annual Fathers Day antique auto show held each June in the Oakbrook Mall in Oakbrook, Illinois. I know that this is an off topic for this themed website but …..hey it’s fun to change things up once in awhile.

First up is a Morgan 3Wheeler from the 30’s. It used a 2 cylinder engine mounted ahead of the radiator and had 2 front wheels and one in the rear. The Morgan car company is still in business today and as a matter of fact it has just brought the 3 wheeler back into production using a Harley Davidson motorcycle engine similar to the original.


This next one is my all time favorite…………a 1933 Alfa Romeo race car impeccably restored and one of my personal top 10 photographs…..


The grandest of them all……….the Packard Dual Cowl Phaethon. To me this was the epitome of American luxury automobile design from the 30’s. The shape of the radiator cover and the way it carried this shape back onto the hood is just so perfect. Packard really had it right in that era. We are so lucky that there are individuals out there that have restored and preserved these masterpieces for future generations of car lovers to admire and appreciate.

This is the “Dual Cowl” which afforded rear seat passengers a nice cozy environment to motor through the countryside while Jeeves chauffeured them.

This Packard instrument panel is exquisite. All real wood ………check out the shift knob……it was made of glass!

Buick made great cars in the 30’s. They were less money than the Packards but still offered 90% of the look for 60% of the money.

The Buick’s interior and dash board were first rate…….

Chrysler went super radical with their Airflow designs introduced in 1934. This top of the line 1934 Chrysler Airflow was gorgeous.

The interiors of these luxury cars offered more comfort than your living room at home…………

This is a 1935 MG…………a rare closed version of a very well known marque……..

A “Woody” travel trailer complete with kitchen from the 40’s……..

We’ll finish up with a car with a famous back end……the Auburn Boat Tail Speedster with dual side mount spare tires

THE END>>>>>>>

Big Box Stores…….Cancún style posted by on November 21, 2011

Annoncement: I’ve added a “translation” feature at the top of each page so that my foreign visitors can read my blog in their own language.

Factoid: Cancún has a population of 527000 and welcomes 2.7 million visitors every year.

We residents of Cancún enjoy many of the big box stores familiar to most Americans. For those that just visit for vacations and never leave their hotels I thought you might like to see what our city has to offer those who like to shop.

This first one is the Walmart Superama store on airport road

Most vacationers are familiar with this one….the Walmart store downtown

You can find Starbucks Coffee shops all over the Cancun area, this one is on airport road in the Walmart/Sams shopping center

My wife says that this is a popular beauty supply store back in the USA

The day we shopped at the Sams store on airport road Coke Zero was having a promotion that included a ride on this mechanical bull…….

remember Gilleys in Dallas years ago?

The largest chain package liquors store in Cancún is La Europea……3 locations, downtown, zona Hoteleria, and airport road

Suzie going in to score some booze…..

Sam’s on airport road

Inside Walmart Suz is greeted by their mascot

The following is a list of shopping malls in Cancun

Flamingo Plaza – Cancún
Plaza Caracol – Cancún
Kukulcan Plaza – Cancún
Centro Comercial la Isla – Cancún
Plaza Comercial las Américas – Cancún
La Gran Plaza Cancún – Cancún
Paseo Cancún – Cancún
Cancún Mall – Cancún