ARG! Pyrate’s of the Caribe Wish you a Prosperous 2012 posted by on December 30, 2011

On the 27th we ferried over to Isla Mujeres for the 2nd annual Treasure Island Fiesta charity benefit for the La Gloria English School.

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This event is held to help fund the school on the island so that youngsters have the opportunity to learn the English language. A pyrate costume contest is part of the fiesta. Here are some of the pictures from Tuesdays event.

“Avast Ye!” Landlubber’s join the Treasure Island Fiesta and the Los Pyratas del Caribe Mexicano….

A very cute pyrate “Wench”

“Buccaneers” toasting you mateys with  “yo–ho-ho and a bottle of rum…… ……”

“Shiver me Timbers”…….more “scallywags”……….

The “Privateer” sign-in desk on the “Poop Deck” of  the Asia Caribe restaurant…..

The silent auction treasures displayed on the tables…..pillaged by the “pyrates” just for this event

The “Son of a Biscuit Eater” auctioneer and his “Wench”….

Some of the “booty” for the live auction……

Lots of pyrate rum and bottles of yo-ho-ho was up for auction too……….

A good time was had by all and over 4000 “pieces of eight” were donated to the school treasury. This is the summary of the event by the school founder and event organizer, Maggie Washa

“Well, the event went very well!! We had about 73 paying guests at the event and a number of the auction items went for their value or slightly more. The 50/50 raffle was good and the winner kicked back 500 pesos to the School! We were able to make a little money from the cash bar too, splitting it with Asia Caribe. We had a very generous financial donation as well, and all together we cleared about $4,000 USD after the dust settled. That is about $1000 more than a year ago, so we are going in the right direction! On behalf of La Gloria English School, I want to thank everyone who participated as well as all the volunteers who helped make this event possible. It was a good day!!!
I am sure you will be seeing some of the pictures of all the pirates in attendance in the following days. There were great costumes everywhere! Thanks again to all who contributed and to all who came and participated and bid and had fun with us!”
Maggie Washa

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To learn more about the school and it’s founders follow this link:

Christmas in Cancun posted by on December 19, 2011

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Plein Air 2 posted by on December 11, 2011

This past Thursday our art class went to Isla Mujeres for a plein air field trip. We met at the Flamingo Dock on Isla Blanca. We were picked up by the yacht, Kanan, captained by Isabel’s husband for the trip over to the island. It was a beautiful day. The temperature was 82˚F but the seas were rough and we had a bumpy ride over Isla Mujeres. This is a picture of the good ship Kanan.

The stern of the Kanan

Our Captain

The controls, including a GPS auto pilot….

The view of the bow and rough seas……..

Left to right, Amparo, Paloma, Aricella, Rosalinda, and another classmate….

A sailboat that we passed in the harbor……

The dock on Isla……

Some of our classmates “setup” on the dock extension…..

Our friend Louise’s impressionistic painting of a moored ship…..

Isabel’s partially finished painting from the rooftop palapa……

This is where Isabel set up for her painting….

The method used to tie together the bracing of the palapa structure….

The view from the palapa

Rosalinda’s painting in progress…..

Aricella and Roberto shared this canvas….

Amparo painting Aricella painting the boat with Roberto

Susie working on her masterpiece….

View of the carport

Attempting to paint the carport….


A classmate sketching a scene on the dock…..


Suzie’s finished Plein Air project…….ta da…

 We thank Isabel and her husband for providing the use of their beautiful property and boat for our terrific day of creativity outdoors. My camera batteries went dead so I couldn’t photograph the cervesas, soft drinks, saladas, and Tix n Chix grilled fish. Then on the way home on the boat we enjoyed a sinsational German chocolate cake baked by Aricella.