The Dolphins of Cancun @ Kukulcan Plaza posted by on June 17, 2012

Just like the City of Chicago did a few years back with it’s cows. We now have the Dolphins of Cancun each done up by a different artist. The are presented to the public in front of the Kukulcan Plaza at mile 13 in the hotel zone.


Be sure to tell me which is your favorite……


Homes for sale Isla Mujeres Pt.2 of 2 posted by on June 11, 2012

Click to start the song, fire your retro rockets and prepare to re-enter the weekend Caribbean atmosphere…..

[cincopa AgBAS4qkPyxv]

These are more of my pictures from Isla Mujeres………many haciendas, estates, homes, condos and lots are for sale at reasonable prices. Caribbean living at it’s finest.

Ahhhhhh…picture yourself here relaxing as your servant replenishes your frozen concoction while the sun slips into the sea at 6 o’clock in the evening……and you’re enjoying  the soft tropical sounds of Jimmy Buffet singing …….”the weather is here, wish you were beautiful”

Coco frios for sale……ever have one? They are nearly frozen coconuts that are cut open with rum or vodka added to make a wonderful refreshing cocktail…..

The flora and fauna are bountiful….

Motorbikes and scooters abound and you can rent one of your own for very little

That palapa on top of this home must be a spectacular place to view the sea and the island

Vacation rentals galore along this stretch of road near the airport on the Caribe side…..

This place is a fortress and this is just the front gate…..

The road on the Caribe side of the island

Not a blade of grass but a million dollar view of the Caribbean side (Windward) of the Island of Women….

There are so many of these little treasures waiting to be explored…..

This property is across the road on the Caribe side

This is a Casa where we have partied.  It is now for sale and fabulous….

Take a real close look at those gates…..they are two waves crashing together complete with all the foam….a masterpiece in wrought iron…….and each section of the casa is circular…how unique!

On the Caribe side of the island are many beautiful homes just across the road from the Caribbean Sea, just like this one…..

More for sale……………..get out your wallet …………….

Railing? What railing? We don’t need no stinking railings!!!!

Tom & Suzie at the Cliff of the Dawn on Isla Mujeres, at Punta Sur

Cancuntom’s new/old vintage ’57 Chevy …………… cart !!!

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere while were waiting for the ferry back to Cancun after a day of fun in the sun with 6 terrific friends.

On second thought perhaps you better stay home….it isn’t perfect here in paradise…..

The skies are too clear…..
The beer is too cold…….. the daiquiri’s too fruitiful and
there’s no place like home when it’s this far away
I don’t care what they say…….we’re hear to stay!


Homes for sale on Isla Mujeres posted by on June 3, 2012

A few weeks ago we mounted up an expedition over to the island of women (Isla Mujeres). After renting two Grande golf cars the 8 of us were off to explore the island with yours truly as the willing expert guide. (book me now I work for food)

Our group of 6 plus Suzie and I as guides were from Cancun, Long Island, NYC, West Virginia, and Ohio.

Along the way I started to notice that there were quite a few properties for sale. Here are some homes that I took pictures of:

Very interesting name for a Casa…..

The House of the Pepe Fish

Down the street these properties faced the bay of Mujeres which faces Cancun and is the most desirable on the island.

They most likely are in need of some fixing up…..

This estate was where you can live LARGE…..

A more modest vacation rental…….

Same place looking through entry gate….

These properties are the finest location on the island because they face the Cliff of the Dawn on the Punta Sur end of the island and therefore because it is the southeastern most point of Mexico they see the sunset first in all of Mexico

A home under construction

Then we stopped at the Cliff of the Dawn which our friends had never seen before…..

My friends praying to the gods

Entrance to the Cliff of the Dawn…..

This is where you can get up close and personal with the Caribbean Sea…..

A quick video I made……

[cincopa AkNAxLqir_ut]

Cancun City across the bay of Mujeres…..

Life is good………We enjoyed turning 6 newbies onto the wonders of the Island of Women, where we feasted on the scenery, food, drink, and time spent with special friends.