Updates on our adventures in Cancun, Mexico posted by on July 19, 2012

In the past 2 weeks my blog has been hacked.  We have removed the malware the hacker installed and strengthened our security measures. I’m sorry that my many readers were not able to access the blog during this very frustrating time for me. No one was endangered because the Google folks shut down this site as soon as the malware was detected and this prevented it from being spread. Welcome back……………Tom

What have we been up to lately? On the 6th we attended a concert…….

The program…..

The selections in order of presentation……

About the various artists that performed……

The Camerata de Cancun  being introduced by Rudy…..

Our contributor Wendy had been back in town for the past 10 days. She was finally able to close on her condo which took one year! We had Wendy over for dinner her first night back and she brought us all kinds of goodies that we cannot buy here. Triscuit crackers for one, my absolute favorite, Orange bitters for our Martini’s, and my repaired DSLR camera. We went to the beach with her on Sunday and it was a magnificent day. The water was calm, the breezes refreshing and the temps low compared to recent hot and humid weather……

Yes you can have your on the beach cervesas……

Wendy reading on her Kindle…..

Later that night we went to our friend Renato Watta’s 76th birthday party.

Wendy, Erik and Carmen


Ross and Becky from Utah

Diego with his wife and son along with Rachel from Valladolid…..

Carmen, Wendy, Erik, and Howard

Happy Birthday Renato!

Many pizzas to choose your favorite from……

Howard pouring Champagne to go with the pizza…………..

Monday was Suzie’s art class in the morning……

She has been working on a trilogy of our dogs……………



Chocolat  ( not quite finished )

The plan is to have the 3 paintings framed vertically together….. (all 3 in 1 frame)

Then Tuesday morning Howard, Renato, Noel, Rosalinda, and Wendy joined us for breakfast at the Dolceze restaurant here in the neighborhood. Later in the afternoon we had the weekly bridge club card game and dinner at Howard and Renato’s home. Wednesday we finally got to recharge ourselves and just spend the day swimming and relaxing poolside. Suzie made us a great dinner of Penne pasta with Italian sausage and a salad. We enjoyed dining poolside on the casita patio complete with candles and satellite radio providing the romantic atmosphere. Today, (Thursday) Suzie is off to take Wendy to the airport. She is heading back to New York. Her husband Bert retires in about 10 more working days and then they will return in August for a lengthy stay. Meanwhile, I’m waiting for Rosie to arrive to do her weekly cleaning of our home. Thank God for Rosie!

We have a pretty busy schedule from week to week and we often wonder how we ever had time to fit working into our lives…….🙂

The Little Mexican Cooking School posted by on July 4, 2012

To celebrate our 6th Anniversary we enrolled ourselves in a cooking school over in Puerto Moreles…..

These are our experiences of a wonderful day………..

The sign outside the school which is housed in a beautiful old Mexican Hacienda in the heart of Puerto Moreles

The outdoor chalk-board at the entrance to the property

The view from the street

Opposite view from the street

Susie pointing at the “cooking school” part of the sign

The grand entrance-way to the front veranda of the Little Mexican Cooking School

The dinning area on the veranda

Catriona Brown the proprietor and our hostess…..

Our first task was to make some miniature tortilla’s

Then cook them for 20 seconds per side….

Then we took our 3 tortilla’s over to the counter……and….

squished the edges to form a bowl for the re-fried bean paste

Adding the re-fried beans……these would be taken to the kitchen where fresh lettuce and a dollop of sour cream were added, we would enjoy them later. That’s Dave from Montgomery, Alabama to my left.

Next we started to make 2 different salsa’s….I worked on one called “Salsa Verde Asada” using the charred ingredients previously prepared. Here is the recipe……..

1/2 lb. tomatillos, charred

2 serrano chiles, charred

1/4 white onion, charred

1 clove of garlic, charred

1/4 cup cilantro, chopped


In a molcajete place the chiles and garlic and begin mashing to a paste. Add the rest of your charred vegetables and continue

mashing to obtain a smooth salsa. Taste for seasoning, add salt if needed. Transfer to a serving bowl.

Add cilantro and serve

Here I am mashing the above ingredients in the molcajete………….

Chef Pablo Lopez Espinosa de Los Manterros

After preparing the salsa’s we were invited to join Chef Pablo in the kitchen to learn more……he had already given us a quick education on the various spices that we would be using on today’s menu…..

We started pealing, chopping, squeezing, cubing the various ingredients for next several dishes that we would be served later that day…

My tasks were to squeeze the limes, and make the custard for the desert tort…..

We all persevered without any cuts or major screw-ups…..

The beginning of our delicious soup…..

Finished soup…..

As to be served for lunch…..with a chile oil drizzle and some cilantro paste….

Next the chef prepared a marinade for the “Camarones Al Achiote” he would bake later on…..

When finished, this is how they looked….

Catriona later offered us a taste of various Tequila’s after explaining the various grades of the liquor, where it comes from and the plants it is distilled from.

In order of fineness they are: Blanco which is aged for only 3 months, Reposato, aged 3-12 months, Anejo, aged 1-3 years, and Extra Anejo aged 3-6 years.

Our table setting after the chef finished preparing our meals for 7, which we helped prepare earlier

 A few pictures of the picturesque landscaping surrounding the hacienda….

We had a great time from start to finish. We hope that if you’re visiting or living in the area you will take advantage of this little treasure of a place in Puerto Moreles.

The cost was 109.99 USD per person (including the IVA tax) and that included the lessons from 10am to 3:30 ish, plenty of beverages to keep us all hydrated, tequila shots, lunch, ice cold beer, and great company with our classmates, instructor/chef, hostess, and the 2 ladies doing the prep work and serving us all day long……..Oh ….one last thing a great “goodie bag” as we left!

The school has an excellent web site chock full of information about the school, gift shop, and hacienda, click HERE to visit it