Ferrari comes to Cancun……. posted by on July 29, 2013

Wow…..within one month Cancun got it’s own Krispy Kreme and now a Ferrari/Maserati dealership.

Puerto Adventuras, Mexico Maritime Muesum posted by on July 25, 2013

Just a small maritime museum tucked away on the 2nd floor….about 5 rooms packed full of shipwreck artifacts. Great stop and it’s free, just donate a few peso’s when leaving.

Garden “Girls” are thriving posted by on July 9, 2013
My “Garden Girls” are 42 strong as of this morning. Most are doing well. Some are still in a bit of a shock from being transplanted into a larger container. We have 27 tomatoes, 1 mint, 1 rosemary,1 oregano, 2 jicama, 2 basil, 4 habanero chile, 4 cayenne chile.
Named plants are:
Suzie, Connie, Diane, Kathy, Rosalinda, Mimi, Jackie, Karen, Veronica, Harmony, Lois, Cristina, Jeannine, Virginia, Wendy, Donna, Lili, Louise, Ashlie, Janie, Carmen, Martha, Eleanor, & Charly.
Let me know if you want a plant named after you…….
My plants are doing well so far.

My plants are doing well so far.