Galleria El Triumfro burns down Saturday night! posted by on August 18, 2013

One of our favorite stores burned down late last night. the interior was complete gutted by a raging fire complete with explosions. Here is a video and some pictures of the calamity.





This is a Google translation from one of the local Cancun newspapers:

The fire began shortly before 22 am Saturday at the flagship store Triumph Galleries until 12 noon on Sunday had not been stifled by the heroic fire department of the municipality of Benito Juárez. In a preliminary report, the tragahumos note that due to the fire, the structure of the building could collapse from one moment to another.

Items sold Galleries El Triunfo, mostly were fiberglass, because of this, and the lack of hydrants in place, firefighters kept an uphill battle to try to quell the fire, which leads to medodiía Sunday active over 14 hours.

The six water pipes with which firefighters try unsuccessfully to extinguish the fire, must be restocked from the hydrants that are located in the clinic of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) and the store Chedraui, both at the junction of the Glorieta Coba avenue and Ceviche.

Fire personnel reported that the owner of Galleries El Triunfo, whose name was not provided, not in Cancun.

The restaurant La Casa de los Abuelos, aleñada the premises on fire, had to suspend its service from last night, sources that are likely ahead remains closed for a week. In a preliminary report, it is reported that two-story building, was not damaged by the fire. The move to suspend activities taken as a precaution, since that handles estabecimiento gas for food preparation, the sources reported.

The expert opinion on what might have caused the accident, even municipal Civil Protection pays no report.”

This store was called by me “The Junk Store”. The reason being that it had such an wide array of unusual merchandise. All the crap that you never knew you needed until you saw it there. Everything from A thru Z.  They had Egyptian coffins, statuary of all kinds, yard ornamentation, marbles, stuffed animals dinnerware, items like dishes to serve escargot. lamps, lanterns, weird furniture, floating marble balls, and on and on. Things you could never even imagine existed. It was 3 floors of crazy things. It took a huge hit during hurricane Wilma and came back so it remains to be seen if the owners will rebuild it again. The building itself is still standing but the interior is gutted. The steelwork may have been terminally damaged by the intense heat of the fire. I hope they rebuild it again. We bought a lot of stuff there over the years.

A Sunday Walk thru the Sands part 2 posted by on August 9, 2013

Part 2 of 3 parts of our walk thru the Royal Sands after brunching at the re-configured Hacienda Sisal.

(Click on the picture below to start the video)