Villa La Bella on Isla Mujeres, Mexico posted by on September 8, 2014

This is the Villa La Bella B&B, which is owned by Curtis and Ashley Blogin. They are a delightful couple that have built their own slice of paradise on the island. Everywhere you look is evidence of their love of the local culture from the present to long long ago. They have created a most unusual tropical flavored colorful bed & breakfast. It proved to be the most relaxing and wonderful place that we could have stayed for our anniversary weekend. Here are a few pictures and some more words from us. Enjoy!!!

The exterior is  an enticement to what awaits you upon entering……..

So many people have mentioned to me that they have passed this sign while on their golf cart rentals. They say it always brought a smile to their faces………but that they never took the time to stop and check it out not knowing what a wonderful place they were passing up. Well…… study these pictures and you’ll see a place truly worth a visit, and if time is on your side stay for a few days or weeks.

( Just so you know the owners policy is that it’s adults only so don’t bring the kids in even for a drink)

Curtis and Ashley, owners of Villa la Bella, which is named after their dog Bella.

The view out of our south facing bedroom……..

The jacuzzi perches just above the deep end of the pool……

Would a vacation in Caribbean be complete without a pool like this to relax and cool off in?

The new waterfall


The swing bar

Hummmmmm, how about a quick swim over to see Castro, just 89 miles???

Some guests having a chat with Curtis

This is the central lounge area….where WiFi is available…..

If the swings aren’t  your thing………..then this is a more traditional bar with stools……

Interesting artwork interpretations abound throughout the property…….

This is our bed in the honeymoon suite……it is actually hung from the ceiling by those thick ropes!

We could hear the waves rolling in from three sides. Those louvered windows let the breeze blow through all night long. What a wonderful place to stay.Perfect even in July……..

The hammock is there for relaxing while taking in the fabulous view from the honeymoon suite.

The palapa ceiling supports.

Our vanity area.

 Our view to the east.

You can lie in bed and look at the ocean through this louvered port hole window.

Our night time view.

The resident kitty (RIP) enjoying one of it’s favorite perches.

One of Ashley’s decorative areas featuring sea glass and shells that she collected from their beach.

Old anchor brought up from the sea bottom by Curtis and some diver friends.

Stairway to our honeymoon suite.

This candle was lit in front of the B&B every night. Now that is attention to detail.

Our first morning’s breakfast of enchiladas covered with several tasty sauces surrounded by fresh apples and pineapple wedges. Believe it when I tell you how mouthwatering and deliciously refreshing this breakfast was to start out our day. Also a hot urn of very good freshly made coffee was just behind our table.

One of the many old ship wreck anchors that Curtis pulled out of the sea……….it’s rumored that the skull belonged to “Mundaca” the famous Pirate of Isla long ago…..LOL

Our breakfast delight on our second morning…….a slice of absolutely delicious Mexican lasagna perfectly spiced with ingredients Curtis personally finds all over the island. It was surrounded by slices of fresh banana with mango pieces on top and wedges of pineapples. Curtis truly cares about his food preparations and it is reflected in these pictures and our testimony.

Just some beautiful flowers that you find in every nook and cranny all over La Bella…….

Everywhere you look there are things that make your eyes feel good………

One of Curtis’s Mayan statues set on Ashley’s beautiful sea glass that she has gathered from the La Bella beach 

The newly built outdoor sanitarios next to the bar complete with a palm growing right on through it’s roof.


Could you possibly ask for a better location for a quiet, relaxing, interesting vacation?????




Bella map

The phone number is: 011-52-998-888-0342 between 9AM and 7PM Central Standard Time.

It’s web site is:

their email addie is:

Curtis and Ashley extended to us every courtesy you could hope for. I’ve never stayed at a better run B&B in my life. They are a pleasure to know and we can absolutely recommend that you stay with them during your visit to Isla Mujeres.