Cadillac Margarita posted by on April 4, 2015
Cadillac Margarita Recipe:
What You Will Need:    Margarita or Rocks Glass * Ice (Cubes – Not Crushed) * Sea Salt * Your Favorite Tequila * Grand Marnier (best) or Cointreau * Fresh lime juice * Soda water / Squirt / Seven Up * Lime wedge for garnish
Step 1   Start by rubbing a lime around the rim of the glass and then dipping and running the glass rim in a pile of salt. If you don’t like salted glass rims with your margaritas, skip this step and start with step 2.  I prefer Sea Salt.

Step 2   Add the Ice to glass approximately 80% full.

Step 3   Measure a shot of tequila in a shot glass or jigger. Pour the shot into the margarita glass. I bought LARGE shot glasses as they seem to work better and add more pizazz to the drink.

Step 4   Measure a shot of Grand Mariner or Cointreau and add it to the margarita glass. I also suggest a LARGE shot glass for this very important step.

Step 5   Fill half of the remaining empty space in the margarita glass with the lime juice. This will be about 1 to 1.5 oz.

Step 6   Fill the remaining empty space in the margarita glass with soda water, squirt or lemon-lime soda, depending on your personal taste. Stop pouring when the liquid reaches about 1 to 2 centimeters from the top of the glass. This will be about 1 oz.

Step 7   Add a splash of Grand Marnier or Cointreau to the top of the beverage and garnish with a lime wedge.

Step 8   Put on your favorite tunes on the audio rack and turn the music up. Put your feet up, take a sip of this heavenly concoction and close your eyes to fully take in the moment.

Life is Good – Enjoy!!!

Tips & Warnings

* Typical shot glasses measure 1 oz. Yours may vary. * Jiggers measure 1 1/2 oz. Other citrus flavored sodas may work well in this recipe. * To make a blended margarita, simply add the above ingredients in their appropriate portions in a blender with ice. Mix for about 1 minute, or until the liquid is blended to your preference. * Jimmy Buffet playing Margaritaville on your home audio system may lead friends, neighbors, relatives and passer-bys to believe that you are a drinking establishment. You may need to buy more alcohol, chips and salsa. If that’s no problem – then get out some more glasses!!! * Don’t Drink and Drive. If you insist on driving, give me your drink. It would be such a tragedy to waste a perfectly good Cadillac Margarita. I do promise to take good care of it.

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