Restaurant review: Tinto’s posted by on May 27, 2015

This is our review of the Restaurant Tinto in Cancun, Mexico. Tinto’s is located in the parking lot of the Pabellon Cumbres plaza. contacto-mainOur visit was the result of our winning bid at a charity auction by the International Women’s Club of Cancun. We shared our certificate with our friends, Wendy and Burt.
The colorful menu cover
The clever menu pages can be revised easily. It is also very extensive.
Our booth was large and very comfortable easily accommodating the 4 of us.
Our first bottle of wine….a red Shiraz Cabernet…….very good choice by our waiter, Rudy.
Rudy and Wendy hamming it up for the camera
My “Bombay” Martini…..I suggest that they either get smaller martini glasses or just make it a double. The large glass and small amount of liquid just isn’t right.

The hors d’oeuveres
Roasted veggies.
My Caesar salad was very bland..
The cucumber avocado dish was very good.
Suzie’s, steak medallions were just OK.
Wendy’s Chateaubriand steak  was somewhat tough and undercooked.
The bread tray with 2 types of butter. The bread was warm and good, but lacking in quantity for a table of 4.

My choice was a Rib Eye steak and what I was served was, I think, a skirt steak, and it was overcooked. I think this was a failure to communicate.


The restaurant has a nice ambiance. The ceiling is a composite of wine bottles lighted from behind.


Our second bottle of wine was a very nice Cabernet Sauvignon again well chosen by our waiter, Rudy.

Burt chose the “Cowboy” steak which is a bone on rib eye. He seemed to like it very much.

Tinto’s has had many good reviews in Trip Adviser. So we believe that we just tried it on a bad night. The ambiance and especially the service were very good. The pricing was a bit on the high side. We have had better quality food for less at some of the other better restaurants here in Cancun. So what is a payday loan exactly?

Restaurant Review: Friojolero’s Taco’s & Beans posted by on May 2, 2015

A fun new theme restaurant has recently opened here in Cancun. It’s theme is based on the American old west. The decor is spot on and completes the illusion of stepping back in time to around 1865 perhaps in Deadwood or some other equally famous old west town. Together with our friends, Burt and Wendy, we had a great time. I used to compete in the firearm events back in the USA governed by the SASS…..which stands for the Single Action Shooting Society. (click HOME OF THE Single Action Shooting Society) . So this was an opportunity to wear my old west Stetson hat and authentic Wau Maker clothes. The waiters and the manager welcomed us with open arms. I even traded badges with Julio the manager. We all enjoyed the food  we each ordered.  The wait staff was friendly and fun. Don’t miss giving it a try.  It is located in SM17 on Kabah just past the Pemex station.Frijolero's