Puerto Madero ……A home run! posted by on June 16, 2015

Last night my wife, Suzie, myself, and Burt along with his wife Wendy decided to dine at the Puerto Madero restaurant in the hotel zone of Cancun. It was to celebrate Burt’s 65th birthday. We had the most wonderful evening you could ever hope for. Puerto Madero hit it out of the park. The service was excellent with about 5 waiters assisting us all evening. The food was absolutely the best. It was a home run for sure.
The before dinner drinks included Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon wine for Suzie and Burt. Wendy had a Grey Goose double martini and I went with a double Bombay martini.

Then for the hors d oeuvres Suzie had a shrimp cocktail.


Wendy and I split 6 oysters on the half shell.


Burt had his favorite…….. 6 giant clams


Then came the main courses. Starting with my choice the surf and turf (lobster tail and tenderloin steak) and mashed potatoes.


Suzie had beef tenderloin brochettes with a huge baked potato dolloped with sour cream and bacon bits.


Wendy chose the Surf and Turf Brochettes


Our birthday boy had the seafood sampler with a side of steamed and buttered asparagus.


After a glass of wine from our second bottle the staff arrived with Burt’s Birthday Flan cake with candle.


After carefully choosing his wish Burt huffed and puffed and blew the candle out on his first try.


The birthday flan before we all dug into it.


Then the big finish to a great evening………..

The bill came to a total of $5,178 pesos ($336 USD)plus tip. We were the successful bidders on a letter from the International Womens Club of Cancun that was worth $1400 pesos so that amount was deducted from the total bill. We based our tip of 20% on the 5100 = 440 pesos. It was an expensive dinner but worth every peso of it. We just plain enjoyed the hell out of our night celebrating our very good friend Burt’s birthday.


Puerto Madero Buenos Aires Steak & Fish House is located at Km 14.1 on Blvd. Kukulcan and is open daily from 1pm to 1am The phone number is 885 2827 Reservations are suggested.

Auditorio del Bienestar posted by on June 3, 2015

A new venue for sports and performing acts is nearing completion here in Cancun. The building is attractive and promises to be a modern facility with seating for 12,000. There will be parking for 1000 cars and 20 buses. However it is not without controversy. A recent newspaper article claimed that the project was propaganda for the PRI political party currently in power. This project is state backed and just the first stage has cost $244,739,960 pesos ($15.7 million USD) The same article claimed this project is unnecessary because Cancun already has several stadiums. The money could have been better spent according to this article. We have lived here for a few years and I really don’t know any other place that could hold that many people in the audience.
A few more details are that the stadium will have food and drink service. There will be handicap ramps. The roof is canvas and can be retracted hydraulically. The front fascia is all glass. There is protection from lightening strikes using modern technology, and an emergency power plant. Now all we need is Lady GaGa, Pink, Beyonce, Rod Stewart and others to be booked.



The interior
How it will look when completed.