Picture of the day………….Sombra posted by on January 27, 2010

This is Sombra, our dog, Dylan’s favorite playmate and companion. She is about to become 5 years old and comes from the Puerto Valarta area of Mexico. She belongs to our best friends Al & Louise who are from Canada. She is a beautiful animal with piercing eyes. Here, she is lying on the beach in Playa Blanca.

3 Responses to “Picture of the day………….Sombra”

  • Alicia says:

    LOOK AT THIS….Sombra gets to get a tan and I have to work….what a life!!!!!!!!!

  • Louise says:

    What a wonderful picture of Sombra and of course her favorite playmate/walking partner Dylan.
    She does not look a day over 5 years old!

    We will see you on the trails…..

  • KfromMichigan says:

    Another cutie! can you tell .. I love animals!

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