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This is a photographic visit to one of those wonderful little places that make you feel your so lucky to be living wherever it may be. We go here for our garden building materials and accessories. They have all kinds of Terracotta pottery, decorative Mexican tiles, house numbers, fountains large and small, paving bricks, flagstones, river-stones, and much much more. These pictures were taken this past week. It’s mostly outdoors because our climate is so good year round. (avg.temp=80°F)

The JOBEN tile, pottery, fountain, stone and garden accessory open air store in Cancun.

A small amount of the many brightly colored decorative tiles available here.

All kinds of wall accessories,floor & wall tiles……..hundreds of choices at really great prices

An example of the many choices of garden fountains

A nice wall fountain, I have my eye on for our garden………..

A small decorative fountain

A couple more small garden fountains, one with volcanic stone the other with river stones

Terracotta lanterns………I think? Floor tile examples on the walls…..

Stone house numbers

Many piles of assorted flagstones

White flagstones

Mesh sacks of smooth rocks in the foreground with smaller river stones in the background

JOBEN’s sign with many examples of their decorative tiles

Prices for the most part were very reasonable. I really liked that large fountain on the left, but don’t have a place for it, so I will probably go with the wall mounted fountain.

4 Responses to “JOBEN”

  • Mary Allison says:

    Hi Cancun Tom,
    Just bought a new construction home in Tulum. Looking for tile so
    the workers will install our choice. Do you have the address for Joben?

  • Desiree says:

    Hey Tom,
    I’ve read through your blog and I really enjoy it. My husband and I love Mexico. We were there twice last year. We can’t wait to go back. We hope to one day be in you shoes (or the lack there of, haha) and live there. Hopefully sooner then later. Anyway, thanks for writing a very interesting blog about a wonderful place.

  • CancunTom says:

    On the west side of Ave.Tulum about half way between El Centro and the Airport turnoff going South.

  • MD in Texas says:

    Wow, this place looks awesome! Where is it located?

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