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I am a retired American living in Cancún, Mexico with my wife and our 3 dogs. One of them is a Yorkie -Poo we brought with us from the USA. The other two we rescued from the street here in  Cancún. We like sharing  our adventures in paradise with our readers. We hope that you find our blog interesting and informative. Perhaps if you ever consider living or visiting Cancún you might find some useful information here.

We invite you leave your comments so we can see how were doing.

Thank you……..CancúnTom, and CancúnSuz

The blog author

The blog author

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  • CancunTom says:

    Ricardo, I have only been to Akumal a couple of times to snorkel and enjoy a few cocktails beach side. They have been embroiled in controversy over the access to the community and those wishing to charge a toll. Check for the situation before visiting Akumal.

  • Ricardo Mendoza says:

    Hi Tom,
    I was wondering if you had any recommendations about living in Akumal vs Cancun.

  • CancunTom says:

    Our teacher is at the following email addie: paconegrete@yahoo.com

  • Denisse Sanchez says:

    Hey Cancún Tom and Cancún Suz! I came across your site because I have been looking for oil painting classes I could take this summer in Cancun. I’m an American citizen and my parents are from Mexico so Spanish is decent. I would really appreciate some more information on this painting class you attend. Maybe I could get an instructor’s email? Thank you either way!

  • Linda Mowry says:

    Hi Tom, I’m a travel agent, wondering if the seagrass is still an issue in the water & on beaches in Cancun, PDC, Cozumel, etc. Thanks!

  • Georgia Mazanet says:

    My husband and I are vacationing in Cancun Aprit 24 thru May 1 2015. We are retired from Wisconsin and now live in Florida. I would love to take an art class while on vacation can you help me?

  • Colleen Anderson says:

    Hi, I cam across your site, I am wondering if you can help me in the sense of where is good to retire there, my husband will retire soon an we are Loki g to retire in Mexico, we have been to cancun once and loved it

  • Anki says:

    Hi Tom, Nice to meet you and your wife in Plaza Hollywood. We enjoy your webpages.
    Anki and Bo from Sweden

  • CancunTom says:


    Sorry to say it no longer exists. If you want to buy the song it is by Micheal Buble’ and it’s title is “Home”

    Regards, Tom

  • Mike says:

    Hi Tom could I please get that link for the video u made of Isla Mujeres and had the home music in the back ground ….thanks Mike

  • Hi,

    Just found your site and wanted to invite you to provide a guest post on our retirement site Retirement And Good Living http://retirementandgoodliving.com about living/retiring in Mexico.

    Please send me and email if interested and I will forward additional information.


  • Kari says:

    I really enjoy your website. Just started working in Cancun and wondered if you could recommended a place for an “over 50” single woman to meet other expats.

  • Al Lara says:

    Just found your blog, really enjoy exploring your site. My wife, Tory and I have been coming to Cancun for over 15 years at the Royal Islander. We are coming down 9/20 and can’t wait.
    Take care,
    Al & Tory

  • Mike says:

    Hi Tom thanks for the re-ply.. no link came on my site to view the Home Video

  • CancunTom says:

    Thanks for leaving a comment. Sorry to take so long to reply. Here is the link to the video with the tune you like. It is a Micheal Buble’ song called ‘Home”

  • Mike says:

    Hi Tom…You have a great site here and I read it al the time…My wife and I go to Isla Mujeres yearly….a wile back you had made a video of Isla ,with the home song that u added to it…. I had it saved to a link and listened to it when our winters up here in Canada got real bad…now I cant find it …. can you please help us ….Mike Cindy

  • Geoff Danish says:

    Hi Tom: Thanks for sharing your video link for me to use on our facebook site. Great web page! I am including it on my favourites.

  • Brian NJ says:

    Glad to see you both are still living the dream. (yeah I’m jealous). Last night across the local bar I see a guy who could be your twin. I left him your web address. I’m sure he had a big laugh later. Love coming to your web site daily. It makes me think of where I’d rather be. Keep up the great work!

  • CancunTom says:

    Sorry Lynn,
    Don’t know anything about that. Have a great time.

  • Lynn Chandler says:

    I just found your website and wanted to ask you for some advice. Our family is coming down to the Royal Sands May 8-15. My son, a soon to be graduate student in herpetology, is wanting to go “herping” in that area. Do you have any suggestions, any tour guides, any groups he could join? I really don’t want him to wander around alone.
    Thanks very much.
    Lynn Chandler

  • Chad Gilbertson says:

    Great Site. Thanks for the reviews. We come to Cancun every year in January since 2005 and a few times we also came down in April. We stay only at Royal Sands and this year we are trying (2) weeks at Phase 1 of the Royal Sands. We are also bringing a Cancun Tom with us and would love to have you and Suzi over to the sands with us some time. I know you could help us with new places to try for supper. Usually we eat at Captains Cove or at any Royal Resort Restaurants.

  • louise says:

    Loved your video on the beach for the Thanksgiving dinner. A Very Merry Christmas Tom! We miss you …..have a great holiday season.
    Louise and Al

  • JIM SEVERN says:

    Can’t wait until September when we will be visiting our best friends. It is always a please to be with you and Suzie.

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